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Are your valued ASSETS really PROTECTED from the threat of FIRE?

Are your valued ASSETS really PROTECTED from the threat of FIRE?

Protecting Lives and Assets

Mitigating the risk of a fire with Integrated Fire Technology’s fire suppression systems for fixed, and mobile assets is the best way to protect your valuable assets from the threat of fire.

Integrated Fire Technology is fast becoming the fire protection solution of choice, and is trusted by many owners of fixed assets, heavy vehicles and mobile industrial machinery to safeguard their machines, save operator lives and protect the environment in which they operate.

Our application specific automatic fire suppression systems are specifically designed for all fixed and mobile environments. We are certified proud partners of Fogmaker International, AF-X fireblocker, and QTEC Fire Services, with distribution rights for Southern Africa

Integrated Fire Technology

IFT Product Range

We make access to these global brand names in sub-Saharan Africa easy through our strategically situated network of distributors across the region.


High-pressure water mist fire suppression system.

AF-X Fireblocker

Automatic aerosol fire extinguishing system.


Automatic low pressure foam spray system.


Which is the right product for you?

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