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High-pressure water mist

Effective fire suppression system for industrial mobile equipment

The FOGMAKER fire suppression system is developed and manufactured in Sweden.
FOGMAKER has a successful global track record in Europe, Australia, North and South America, Middle East & Africa– with over 270,000 units installed worldwide since 1995.


We serve to save lives and valuable vehicles

Fogmaker is a smart and responsible investment that helps keep drivers, passengers and vehicles safe. Fogmaker will effectively detect and suppress an engine fire in its early stages, and prevent it from reigniting.

Always active – no power supply needed

Outstanding choking and cooling technology

Cost-effective and tailored retrofitting

Modular design for installation options


FOGMAKER in action

Live demo of FOGMAKER fire suppression system.


FOGMAKER fire suppression systems effectively attack all three sides of the fire triangle

A fire requires three elements to sustain combustion – oxygen, heat and fuel. Removing one of these elements from the environment will extinguish the fire. The majority of fire suppression system’s approach is to remove oxygen from the fire zone and thus suffocate the fire. However, this is often a temporary situation: as air and oxygen return to the fire zone, with the presence of the all three elements, the fire often re-ignites.


Where should you use the FOGMAKER system?

In industries where the consequential damages from a fire on your valuable asset is high, with the possible loss of life or damage to the environment, the installation of FOGMAKER’s reliable and effective automatic fire suppression system should be considered as part of your fire mitigation strategy.

FOGMAKER fire suppression system (FSS) is suitable for:

Mining and Tunneling



Ports and Harbours
Airport GSE

Buses and Coaches


Special Purpose-Built Vehicles

& other industries

Are your valued assets really protected from the threat of fire?

An automatic fire suppression system is recommended for all engine compartments and enclosed spaces!

Mining Vehicles

Mining Vehicles

Flameproof your encapsulated systems to reduce downtime

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Buses & Trucks

Buses & Trucks

Protect passenger lives and your customer's cargo
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Military Vehicles

Military Vehicles

Tough environments require a tough fire protection system
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Port Equipment

Port Equipment

An equipment fire in a material handling machine can be devastating
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Electrical Cabinet

Electrical Cabinet

Protect your assets and avoid downtime
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Forestry Equipment

Forestry Equipment

Safeguard your planted assets - a harvester fire could spread to your plantation
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Is the FOGMAKER system best suited for you?

Get in touch with us and our team will advise on a cost-effective and reliable solution for your industry and valuable assets.