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Mobile & Fixed systems


Mobile Systems

Life-saving protection for vehicles and semi-enclosed spaces.


FOGMAKER’s automatic high-pressure water-mist fire suppression system is a smart and responsible investment that helps keep drivers, passengers and vehicles safe, having proven its reliability and durability for the demanding environments of mines, marine, military, forestry, genset and ports.

The system will effectively detect and suppress an engine fire in its early stages, and prevent it from reigniting.

QTEC Fire Services

QTEC’s Low pressure foam spray systems are suitable for a vast spectrum of applications in industrial and commercial sectors including mining, ports, recycling, waste management and processing plants.

These highly versatile systems meet requirements for open mobile applications including mobile crushers as well as much larger equipment like mine trucks and excavators.

QTEC also offers a fire suppression solution for fixed applications such as basement gensets, transformers, conveyor belts and underground and surface diesel tanks.

Fixed Systems

Fire detection and prevention for buildings, stores, transformers, gensets, conveyors and other enclosed spaces.

Integrated Fire Technology’s basket of fixed system fire detection solutions include early pre-warning systems that alert to potential fire risks or that a fire has broken out. Fire protection product offerings include aerosol, foam and gas suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hose reels, and sprinklers (including galvanised piping and couplers).

Each system offers unique features that meet the requirements for a specific application. Based on our expertise and experience, we are perfectly positioned to advise customers on what fire system will be the best solution in terms of personnel safety and asset protection. We offer customers peace of mind, assured in the knowledge that we have delivered the most optimal solution to meet their individual and unique fire detection and / or protection requirements.

AF-X Fireblocker

AF-X Fireblocker offers the best aerosol fire extinguishing system available in the market at low costs and minimal maintenance.

This highly effective aerosol-based system offers a dry fire protection solution, making it ideal for assets such as large warehouses and storage facilities, as well as electrical cabinets, Motor Control Centres (MCCs) and equipment that cannot tolerate water or foam contamination.